ATM, Debit & Rewards Credit Card Services

ATM/Debit Card Services

A cash card that combines the functions of a checkbook and an ATM card with the acceptance of a major credit card, without paying back a high interest loan.     
Funds are drawn from your business checking account.

If you are traveling out of state and using your debit card, please let American Heritage know prior to your departure. Safeguards are in place to keep your card secure which means that all out of state point-of-sale purchases need to be unblocked. This does not apply to online purchases or ATM withdrawals. Please contact a Customer Service Representative today.

Rewards Credit Card

    • VISA offers credit cards that are right for your company
    • VISA Zero Liability (restrictions apply)
    • Point Pooling on Reward Products
    • Company Name on Cards
    • Flexible Billing Options
    • Low Interest Rates
    • The ability to feel safe, including:
      • VISA Business Card
      • VISA Platinum Business Rewards Card
      • VISA Business Travel Card
      • VISA Business Company Card

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VISA Business Credit Card Application