Business Payroll, Remote Deposit, & Electronic Funds Transfer Services

Business Payroll Service

A service of convenience for our business and organization customers that automatically manages your business checking account by direct depositing your payroll funds into the individual bank accounts of your employees and can also be integrated with many other types of employer payments, including any Health Savings Account program.

Business Banking Remote Deposit

With Business Banking Remote Deposit, your business can scan checks received from your customers and remotely deposit them to American Heritage National Bank without ever having to leave the office. Remote Deposit utilizes a desktop scanner and software program provided by American Heritage National Bank that connects to your computer and allows you to electronically deposit your checks to the bank at anytime.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Processing

Are you a business looking to process ACH information over the web but are reluctant to do so because of fraud and identity theft? American Heritage National Bank has a secure (SSL) integrated delivery portal for ACH transactions. By utilizing the secure SSL Server for creating, transmitting, and retrieving ACH information, you can eliminate the risk of account information being compromised and give yourself the confidence that your information is secure.

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