Investment Accounts

Youth to young adult account that can be opened anytime by 0-19 year old with parent or related/consenting adult and maintained until age 26 or converts to checking.

  • No monthly charge or minimum balance.
  • Special-tiered high interst rates.
  • Online banking with E-statements.
  • Free Log Bank gift per account opening.
  • Free College Savings Plan consultation for parents with American Heritage Wealth Management advisor.
  • Upon parental consent will receive free debit card and mobile banking app with remote deposit and payments.

HSAs are a tax preferred savings account for the purpose of paying or reimbursing medical expenses used in conjunction with a high deductible health insurance plan.

HSA Features:

  • No fees or minimum account balance!
  • Earns an interest market rate of return tiered for higher balances
  • Easy and convenient access to funds with a Debit Card
  • Available to businesses, employees and individuals
  • Employers may also combine an HSA program with our Payroll Accounts Services
  • Free E-Statements
  • Free Online Banking


IRAs are an excellent way to save for your retirement with competitive interest rates and the security of maintaining your principal balance and interest.

IRA Features:

  • Funds are allowed to grow tax-free while remaining in the account
  • Money Market Savings with no minimum balance required
  • IRA CDs – 3 and 5 year term with a minimum opening balance of $5,000



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